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It’s a new era at Viper Design

By April 17, 2014Viper News
evolution of Viper Design

When I originally began as a graphic designer and started Viper Design my main focus was on producing designs for print – namely brochures, leaflets and stationery. Whilst I had been doing this kind of work in the two previous companies I worked at, web design was all very new at that stage, at least for me. However, when you’re starting up a business one of the priorities is to have some form of web presence. Hence I spent many days and nights getting my head around html code and figuring out just how to build a website.

Thankfully I had a great friend who helped me out at the time and eventually I had myself a website for Viper Design. At the time it was really good (at least in my eyes anyway!) and whenever I spoke to new clients they would often say how they chose me because my website looked different and worked well. So I kept it as it was for several years. After a few more years I began to think it needed revamping but the trouble was I never had any time for it because I was so busy. Over the years I updated it a bit but a few weeks ago I decided I really needed to start from scratch because it was so outdated now.

In the field of website design you simply cannot stand still. Whilst I have been building modern looking websites for my clients, my own had suffered enough. It was time to rip it apart and begin afresh. Hence what you see here now is the new era at Viper Design. I have built it on the ever dependable WordPress system which really is the best platform for the majority of websites these days. And I now have a news page! This is a great way to let my clients and prospective clients know what I have been up to at work. I’ll also be writing about things you can do to improve your businesses and their websites.


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