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Free Cloud Storage for your files

By April 29, 2014Viper Tips
copy cloud storage

Cloud storage has become more accepted since the arrival of services such as Dropbox. Using cloud storage you can not only store files safely online as backups, but also share work with clients and colleagues. The main issue is the cost. Sure, most services give you a certain amount of GB for a free account, but if you want to share big files then you will quickly run out of storage space. That’s where COPY comes in.

At you get 15GB of free storage when you sign up, compared to just 5GB with most cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox. Not only that, but you can grow your storage space at by referring other people. So if you were to signup using my referral link:

you would get an extra 5GB of space and so would I. Nice. That means by using my signup link you will get 20GB of space for starters. So if you keep it going you can quite easily end up with tons of online storage space for free!

The service is very slick and well put together. Syncing is simple and the interface is great.  Of course they have paid models for big businesses, just like other cloud storage services, but by using the free model you can probably get by with a bit of marketing.

So, click on the above link and let’s all get more space for those big files!

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