So who runs the show here…?

That would be me, Jason Wickens. You may have been told to come here by another of my clients or you might just have stumbled across my website looking for a graphic designer in Worcestershire. Either way, you probably know nothing about me so let me provide a brief insight…

I have been in the print and design trade since leaving school, working in a reprographics company for seven years before joining a publishing company for three years doing design and page layouts. I then decided to start up on my own in 2002 and Viper Design was launched. I have a nice little office just off the North M5 junction at Worcester which is ideal for clients.

I’ve always worked on my own at Viper Design – I like to keep things simple and overheads down. This also benefits my clients as it keeps my prices down and means you only deal with one person, not a whole team of designers who have different styles that can dilute your company branding. Email or call Viper and it’s me who replies.

You don’t need to meet me if you’re too busy. In fact, several of my clients have never set foot in my design studio but it doesn’t cause any issues. These days technology allows for great communication over the internet. Of course if you want to come to my office in Worcester then let’s set a date and I’ll get the kettle on!

As far as skills go, I’m proficient in all the major graphic and web design software packages such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver etc. WordPress and Opencart are the most popular website systems and I can host your website on my cloud server account. If that all sounds like techno-babble then don’t worry! It just means I have the tools and the knowledge to create professional looking artwork that will take your business to the next level.

Take a look at my design portfolio and read about the design services I offer. Hopefully you’ll then want to contact me!

Jason Wickens